Combier Le Bleu

  • Recipe created in 1860
  • Le Bleu is made using the same recipe conceived by Jean-Baptiste Combier while serving time in prison in the French village of Nantes
  • 80 Proof
  • As it was intended to be
  • Premium Blue Curaçao
  • Includes ingredients sourced from Africa, India, southeast Asia and France’s 
    historic Loire Valley


Introducing the world’s first Premium Blue Curacao, made using the same high quality orange liqueur as Combier Liqueur D’Orange. Combier Le Bleu is produced in Saumur, France, and made to the same exacting standards created by JB Combier over 180 years ago. The natural orange aromas, bright citrus aroma, clear character, and smooth finish make Le Bleu the perfect spirit for creating blue-colored cocktails and tiki drinks of exceptional quality.

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Combier - Le Bleu