Royal Combier Grande Liqueur

  • Recipe created in 1920
  • Conceived by Jean-Baptiste Combier while serving time in prison in the French
    village of Nantes
  • 76 Proof
  • As it was intended to be
  • All natural
  • Includes ingredients sourced from Africa, India, southeast Asia and France‚Äôs
    historic Loire Valley


A harmonious blend of Original Combier, V.S.O.P. cognac and Elixir Combier (one of the most famous of all French hygienic liqueurs since its creation by Jean-Baptiste Combier in 1860), Royal Combier Grande Liqueur includes ingredients such as aloe, nutmeg, myrrh, cardamom, cinnamon, and saffron, the result of which is an exotic and complex liqueur best enjoyed cold or in classic and modern cocktails as an orange liqueur substitute for added spice.

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